Ente la magkente provides 32 different digital audio effects
switchable through a 16 position rotary switch and a toggle switch
to choose one of the two banks.
Equipped with the superb quality digital effects processing engine
which adds that extra punch needed to make audio presentations
truly stand out.
A powerful three band EQ gives you a full control over your signal.

The Mix knob adjusts the Dry/Wet ratio.
The Level knob adjusts the output of the pedal.
Ente la magkente provides an extra feature which makes it a useful tool for the professional musician, a built in DI box with a balanced XLR output and a ground lift switch.
The DI performs level matching, balancing, and active buffering impedance matching/impedance bridging to minimize noise, distortion and ground loops.


  • 32 effect Presets
  • 2 bank directories
  • Analog signal path
  • 48 Khz Sampling Rate
  • True Bypass


As each pedal is handmade and unique , there might be slight differences from the product in the picture above.(Color texture, etc..)